Since the early hours of Tuesday, Donald Trump sympathizers have responded to his call to «stop the fraud,» a rhetoric he has used among his followers to proclaim himself president. Thousands of people responded to the call, some prepared with high-powered rifles, pepper spray, others with ladders or ropes to invade the House of Representatives and avoid a bureaucratic process that ratifies the votes in favor of the opponent in the Democratic Party- Joe Biden.

Different reasons have led Trump to fall from grace and ultimately from the popular vote, among them; the mismanagement of the pandemic, the scandals about his tax evasion and the counterproductivity that he himself has created for his strong statements. However, four years ago the same system that today rejects him, placed him in power. Trump has turned into a danger to American institutions, not because of the fact of being a white supremacist, classist or patriarchal, but rather, it endangers them because it shows that the values ​​it lays bare are essentially undemocratic. The establishment and the American institutions with the aim of maintaining colonial, patriarchal, and racist values ​​in operation have decided to expel the person who has brought them to the public agenda in excess and return to a level in which these same values ​​will be represented in their laws and functioning although not discursively, the question is, how willing are the other social forces to dismantle these values ​​and continue a fight that is far from being won?

The United States has constantly pretended to be the defender of democracy and its highest representatives worldwide, something very far from the truth if we look closely at its operation.

The United States finally shows its values ​​to the rest of the world and dressing them with a politically correct candidate will not substantially change the oppression experienced by its population. As Heinz Dietrich put it, “It will be a worthy closing of the electoral campaign for a“ democracy ”founded by slaveholders and capitalist merchants on the model of the Roman Empire, where the owners of wealth and swords continue to have the last word.” 1

Finding democracy in the United States will be a feat reserved for social forces that set their objective on the institutions that have embodied far-right values ​​throughout their history, only then will a true class struggle that emancipate the oppressed people transcend.

1 Dietrich, Heinz, Fuerza armada de Estados Unidos aborta golpe de Estado de Trump | Artículo

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