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Saturday night was transformed by the violence of a white terrorist who attacked a group of at least 50 individuals protesting against police brutality.
The events occurred at 10:10 p.m. when a car tried to turn at an intersection taken by protesters, moves forward despite encountering people in its path and hits a traffic cone that was delimiting a bike path. The protesters approach the car to figure out what is happening when the man in the car, without any blockage in front of him, stop and fires 5 shots at the nearby protesters to the left of his vehicle.

Garrett, who seconds before was pushing his wife in her wheelchair, passes in front of her and advances towards the vehicle in question, Garrett carried an AK 47 on his chest which was pointed to the ground at the time of the encounter with the motorist. No shots came out of Garrett’s gun though he received 3 of the 5 shots fired by the subject, who after firing the gun, quickly drove off. It should be mentioned that the car did not have any aesthetic or material damage, the driver calmly and calculatedly execute the crime he committed and ultimately take the protesters by surprise.

Hearing the shots, the crowd begins to throw themselves to the ground and at the end of the detonations, the car accelerates, leaving behind a terrified group, while they flee from the crime scene, one of the protesters shoots the car in an attempt to damage its tires.

Garrett attended the demonstrations even when the number of people did not exceed a dozen. During a previous protest where Garrett and Whitney also attended, another white subject carried out similar actions; intimidating the protesters with his vehicle and a weapon, being the agressor questioned by the police, and released without any repercussions. This encouraged Garrett to carry his weapon and protect himself, Whitney, as well as protect the protesters, Garrett had military training by the American armed forces, wise of the use and handling of firearms .

The white terrorist called at the police and after and interview state terrorist so called police, who let him go with pending investigation.

*Pending other first hand witness accounts*


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